Welcome ~ 2019


We are proud to usher in a new era in the history of the Philadelphia “Flagship” Chapter of the National Congress of Black Women, Inc. founded by the esteemed Dr. C. DeLores Tucker and first chaired by the renowned Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm. The members of this organization stand on the shoulders of mighty women who left a legacy of hope during times of challenge, courage during times of threat to social justice and order and faith in the knowledge that our futures will be brighter and more secure than our past. 

The NCBW is a non-profit tax exempt organization whose mission and vision is to promote social, civic and economic justice; equal educational opportunity; leadership and empowerment and other advancements of Black Women in our society. Its fundamental mission is to promote and encourage Black Women to reach great heights through non-partisan leadership activities to help shape a society where individual rights are protected on equal grounds, where our voices help to shape public policy and where our leadership opportunities are meaningful and boundless. 

Our initiatives are designed to promote our mission and are meant to have an impact on those who we touch. Along with vitally important non-partisan voter registration/education activities, the Chapter’s agenda includes, among other issues, focusing on the health disparities related to breast cancer treatment, promoting awareness and prevention of domestic violence, shedding more light on the escalating human trafficking of young females, developing support programs for youth and continuing on-going struggles to ensure educational equity for all school students. 

The social justice issues facing our nation today require engagement from all of our members and an enthusiasm to work toward a more civil and fully inclusive society. With energy, zeal and thirst for equality and leadership, we can and will fulfill our mandate to carry on with the legacy of those who opened doors for us to enter and led the way to a better world. While we face some difficult and challenging times in the nation, we must never give up our hope and faith in tomorrow.

We invite others who support the NCBW mission and vision to join this great organization!


Philadelphia Chapter Chairperson

NCBW, National Board Member