The National Congress of Black Women, Inc. (NCBW) (formerly, National Political Congress of Black Women) was founded August 2,1984 in Washington, D. C. when the Honorable C. DeLores Tucker called a group of 35 African American women leaders of diverse groups to organize for greater involvement in the political process. 

At the third meeting of NCBW called by Acting Chair C. DeLores Tucker held on August 9, 1984, the Honorable Shirley Chisholm was elected the first Chair of NCBW and served until she assumed the esteemed title of Chair Emeritus. The meeting was held at the home of the National Alliance of Postal Workers, the first and the largest union organized by African Americans.

NCBW is non-partisan and is the first organization that has its primary mission the political empowerment of African American Women through the following efforts: (1) identify, elect and act as mentors;  (2) encourage women without regard to party affiliation, to engage in political activities the first of which is registering to vote; (3) provide training in understanding and operating within the political process; (4) encourage women to seek office at all levels of government and encourage the appointment of African American women to all government levels; (5) develop and advocate public policy positions at every level of government; and (6) prepare African American females under 18 years of age to enter the political process.

NCBW has turned the Spotlight on African American Women and has ushered in an era of unprecedented growth that signals the ensuring empowerment of African American Women through the 21st Century and beyond. In the ten years since NCBW was established, African American women have enjoyed the highest percentage of votes proportionately to any group in the U.S.  And, the number of African American Women elected officials has increased from 1223 holding elective office in 1983 to 2332 holding office by 1993. We are proud that Carol Moseley-Brawn made history as the first African American woman elected to the U.S. Senate.

NCBW, through its Commission for the Presidential Appointment of African American Women has canvassed the United States to identify African American women to recommend for high policy level positions in the Clinton Administration and has created a talent bank of highly-qualified African American women for top political appointments. NCBW also has been at the forefront in calling for appointment of an African American woman to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

NCBW, through its Commission on Entertainment has led the assault against “Gangsta Rap” and Misogynistic Lyrics that are directed toward African American youths and threaten the moral foundation of the African American family and the community.  

African American women have indeed come “a long way.” But to complete the journey it is incumbent upon us all to recognize the political power we wield collectively and use it to establish the direction and agenda of this nation.  Ours is a rich and proud legacy. 

We must tap into the strengths of our foremothers, African American women like:  Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Ida B. Wells, Mary McLeod Bethune, Fannie Lou Hammer and Rosa Parks as we “gird our loins” and prepare for the 21st Century.

(Original) NCBW, Board of Directors

Hon. C. DeLores Tucker, National Chair

Hon. Shirley Chisholm, Chair Emeritus

Rev. Willie Barrow, First Vice Chair

Ms. Deborah Lewis, Second Vice Chair

Ms. Nichole McPherson, Third Vice   Chair

Rev. Dorothy J. Josey, Recording  Secretary

Tahiya Nyahuma, Assistant Secretary

Rev. Gloria E. Miller, Treasurer

Maxine Cade, Esq., General Counsel


Ms. Glynda Anderson

Ms. Kimberly Bell

Ms. Cynthia Booth

Ms. Vivian Caver

Ms. Cynthia Downs

Ms. Geraldine R. Eure, Esq.

Ms. Queen Gladden

Ms. Donzella James

Ms. Trish Morris-Yamba

Ms. Hazel Obey

Ms. Johnnie Rice

Ms. Annette Rainwater

Ms. Barbara W. Skinner

Hon. Mabel Thomas

Ms. Yvette Thomas Esq.

Ms. Onah Weldon

Ms. Jerelene Worthy

NCBW Founders

Rev. Willie Barrow

Ms. Lezli Baskerville, Esq.

Dr. Mary Berry

Ms. Faye Bryant

Ms. Hortense Canady

Hon. Cardiss Collins

Dr. Mary Haywood Futrell

Dr. Dorothy J. Height

Ms. Alexis Herman

Hon. Charlene Drew Jarvis

Hon. Sharon Pratt Kelly

Mrs. Coretta Scott King

Hon. Gloria Lawlah

Hon. Hilda Mason

Ms. Jewell Jackson McCabe

Hon. Eleanor Holmes Norton

Hon. Wilhelmina Rolark, Esq

Ms. Barbara Skinner

Ms. Mary Terrell, Esq

Dr. Gloria E.A. Toote

Ms. Patricia Tyson

Hon. Maxine Waters

Ms. Gaye Williams

Hon. Nadine Winter